Are you conflicted over what type of mattress to buy?

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It’s the most used piece of furniture in the home and needs to be a seriously considered choice.

Remember there are two things you need to be comfortable in, your shoes and your mattress because if you’re not in one you’re in the other. I know when I have shopped for shoes it has taken numerous visits, trying on many pairs before finding the right comfort , as we know one size doesn’t fit all.

Having worked in furniture retail for over 40 years it’s obvious to me the same applies to those searching for a good nights sleep. So why do 50 % of the buying public risk making a purchase on line without testing it first? Well I suppose the 100 night trial may be the main incentive for some and a convenience for others. But if this is the route you are thinking of, proceed with caution.

Let’s take the free trial period, which incidentally may soon become a comfort exchange to reduce costs. Buying any new mattress on line, the chances are that it will feel better than your old one anyway that’s good enough for some folk but that is still settling for second best .Without comparing other memory foam, latex and pocket mattresses you will deprive yourself of all the other options.

With new spring technology from Harrison Spinks, traditional bespoke from Relyon. 100% recyclable beds from Hypnos, natural latex from Dunlopillo and many, many others choose from.

A good mattress is an investment in you.

Remember the old adage ` TRY BEFORE YOU BUY `.


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